Do Not Scroll Down…

Do not scroll down, if…

1. you are faint of heart

2. you get queazy seeing bodily injury

3. you are eating

Yes, we will have a huge sale on Volume 2 this week, and yes the new Slugs & Bugs app / Scripture memory family game is coming out soon. But this is a post to catch up all the well-wishers and anyone else that is just curious about my ankle injury.

For the last 20 years, I have played basketball semi-regularly.

When I was 15, I splintered my tibia and shattered my ankle in a gruesome freak basketball injury, but for 27 years, I’ve taken great care to avoid re-injury.

Then, two Thursdays ago, I was playing at Crieve Hall Baptist Church. There’s a semi-regular 8:30 am game, initiated by my friend Danny Bryant. My old buddy Andy Gullahorn was there doing his best Steph Curry imitation. And a new friend showed up named Daniel Moore.

My new friend and I teamed up against Danny and Gully, and I love telling you that Daniel and I won the first game, because Danny Bryant hates to lose.

Game two: Danny and Gully jumped out to a 7-0 lead, then Daniel hit a mid-range jumper for 2, and I hit a 3 from the left corner. It’s 7-5. After that, things get blurry.

The next thing I remember, I went up for a rebound, and my right foot came down with a loud pop. I yelled and grabbed my leg. “It’s a problem.” I said, with great agitation.

My friends went into emergency mode. Daniel found ice, Gully brought me home and then water and advil, and I texted Amy.




A few hours later, I laid down on the same table where they set Jonah’s broken arm (swing set) and Livi’s broken wrist (trampoline). They took X-rays, (no broken bones, yea!) and gave me crutches, a boot and 2 prescriptions, and sent me home with a grade three ligament spraingrade3sprain and the pronouncement that I could not fly to Canada, New York, and North Carolina the next week.

Booooooooo. And, so sorry, friends in those states. We’ve already begun rescheduling.

Already, there have been highlights, including a surprise visit from the Peterson family bearing gifts ranging from the funny (toe separators) to the yummy (Toblerone!), a Sunday morning “home church” listening to an awesome Tim Keller sermon as a family, and the spontaneous conversations and snuggle time I’ve gotten with all 3 kids as they’ve wandered in and out of our bedroom (my temporary hospital room).

Also a major highlight, witnessing my wife, Amy, care for her injured hubby while also managing the household by herself for the last 11 days. And she bought me reading glasses. She’s earned a closet full of foot rubs and a date as soon as my blue-splotchy leg will allow it.

Thanks for praying for a quick recovery! I’m eager to get back to full strength – though that may take a while.

And now the pictures. Be warned. They are colorful.

  • FullSizeRender-3
    Hours after the injury, on the way to the doc.
    At the doctor’s office. (ouch.)
    The boot! On the way home…
    Day 5
    Day 7
    Day 8
    My first reading glasses.


6 thoughts on “Do Not Scroll Down…

  1. OUCH!! 😦 I hope you heal soon! What kind of sale are you having on S&B Sing the Bible 2? I just purchased 2 CD’s for two kids. 🙂 I know we’re loving the music and tractor tractor is still the most sung song in our neck of the fields 🙂 (being that there aren’t too many woods around here! 🙂 )

  2. I didn’t read the first time, just looked at the pics. You didn’t break anything??? Wow, what a sprain. Continue to get well!

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