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The Ten Commandments Song is the only song on Sing the Bible Volume 2 without a word-for-word Scripture verse. Because of the theme of the record (A Musical Handbook for the Christian Home), I needed to have a Ten Commandments song, but the actual verses of the Ten Commandments are huge and too unwieldy to make into a lyrical composition. So, I  summarized!

The other difficulty with a Ten Commandments song is finding the way to point to Christ. I imagined parents listening along to the music, and wanted them to feel encouraged rather than condemned. That’s why the chorus says “no one can keep them all.” It’s also a good reminder for me when my parenting tightens up.

Also, I decided to include words like adultery and covet instead of the versions I see on the walls of Sunday School rooms across the U.S.

Author Madeline L’Engle said…

The writer whose words are going to be read by children has a heavy responsibility. And yet, despite the undeniable fact that the children’s minds are tender, they are also far more tough than many people realize, and they have an openness and an ability to grapple with difficult concepts which many adults have lost.

And I agree. Children in rougher-speaking homes learn swear words before they go to preschool. I’m glad to introduce these serious words from Scripture, and I think children can handle them.

This track is full of surprises, and I can’t wait for you parents (and non-parents!) to hear them all. March 18th! Here we come!

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2 thoughts on “Ten Commandments Song – Slugs & Bugs

  1. Hi. We have Right Now Media and love Slugs and Bugs and the Slugs and Bugs Show. My children are musically inclined, and learn a lot of value and character lessons from the programs. Recently I watched the Ten Commmandments song video with my kids and became curious as to why you chose to use Frankenstein and Dracula in the video. Would you please share?

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