Sing the Bible Volume 2 Release Date and MORE!

Vol 2 Cover

It’s official! The RELEASE DATE for Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs Volume 2 is Friday, March 18th!

Until then, we’ll be introducing the story  – why I chose these verses, why they matter to you, as well as who was involved and how the music came to life.

And there’s so much more to come!  In 2016, we will release Sing the Bible Volume 2 (March 18), a Slugs & Bugs app with loads of features including a multi-person Scripture memorization game (April/May), a family devotional kit (July/August), and a whole new Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs  Live Concert!

In short, our vision is grand.  We are hoping to revolutionize the way music-listening families absorb and grow in the knowledge of God’s Word. My close friends would tell you, I’m not usually one for bold pronouncements or grand visions. I am generally quiet, low key, and prefer a (very) small group over a crowd. In this case, my confidence comes from the peace in my spirit, and the belief that I have been gifted for and called to this role.

That said, please pray for me. This is God’s business, and I don’t want to fall behind or run ahead, but only to walk in step with the leading of His Spirit. Pray for me to keep my hands open to whatever he brings, be it tears or laughter (although I generally prefer tears of laughter). And pray for my family. They are the quiet and constant Slugs & Bugs life-support system.

Thanks everyone! I’m so glad you’ve found your way into the world of Slugs & Bugs, and I hope you’ll come back soon for the beginning of our story!


Randall Goodgame is the founder of Slugs & Bugs Family Music. He loves parenting, ping pong, and peanut butter cups. To book a concert or speaking engagement, contact Micah Watson – by clicking here.

To order the Dove Award nominated Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs Vol 1click here.


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