Christmas Coloring Pages, Slugs & Bugs Style

If your family is anything like mine, the Christmas holidays provide much needed down-time to relax and connect. However, even with board games and card games, finding activities that fit a wide age range can be a challenge. That’s why I commissioned 15 new hand-drawn coloring pages to go with our Slugs & Bugs Christmas songs!

We know the Slugs & Bugs Christmas CD has a wide generational appeal, so I asked my friend (brilliant artist and children’s author) Jennifer Trafton to dream up some fun coloring pages that families could color while listening to the music, and she totally crushed it!

Some are sweet, some are hilarious, and with artwork that will appeal to every age and skill level, these pages surpassed my hopes. If your family enjoys Slugs & Bugs music, order your digital download of these 15 artisan coloring pages and print out as many copies as you like. I promise, you’re going to love them. (click here to order)

Here’s the Christmas Around the World page: (with audio!)

Christmas Around the World

And here’s the Camel Song Page (with audio!):


And Here’s both Gingerbread House pages (with audio!): (click here to order)

Christmas Around the WorldGingerbread House Color

Order all 15 pages today and have them ready to print out the moment you need them. This Christmas set is on sale this month, and we’ll take it down after the new year.  (click here to order).

I hope you’ll take advantage of these fantastic works of art, and make them your own!

~ Randall

To visit the Slugs & Bugs webstore: click here

To visit the Rabbit Room webstore: click here

One thought on “Christmas Coloring Pages, Slugs & Bugs Style

  1. Hi fellow mommy blogger!

    These coloring pages are too cute! You made them all yourselves? My 17 month old baby girl would love do draw all over them! 🙂

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