Hey Beautiful Girl (story and song)

Saturday was November 21st. My daughter and oldest child, Livi, turned 15!

That’s crazy for so many reasons, but in the context of this blog, it’s crazy because that means about 15 years ago, I wrote my first Slugs & Bugs song. I wrote the chorus to Beautiful Girl to the rhythm of my hand on her tiny back, trying to get her to burp halfway through her bottle.

We lived in a little 700 sq foot duplex. When it was my turn for a midnight feeding I would carry Livi to the far corner of the front room to give her a bottle, so Amy could stay asleep.

This year I carried Livi farther away than she’d even been – as she toured across the U.S. and through England and Wales with me all Spring, playing fiddle and singing and running the merch table. We had SO much fun, and great adventures like this epic trek along the cliffs of Wales from a lighthouse to a castle.

















































This past Saturday, our family went on a more local adventure as part of our day celebrating Livi. We hiked the 3 mile Gainer Ridge trail around Radnor Lake in Nashville. It was warm and sunny at the start, and got chilly and blustery by the middle. That’s when we took this picture…



Now here’s that song I wrote back in late 2000, for that tiny baby.  I never knew how much my parents loved me until I held her in my arms. My, how the years pass…

Beautiful Girl

I’ve got you swaddled and I’ve got your bottle
And you’re too loud to ignore.
Your mama is sleeping
The angels are keeping
So cry no more.

Hey beautiful girl,
Daddy loves you, he loves you.
Most beautiful girl in whole wide world.

The stars are all shining, the birds are reclining,
The squirrels are all nestled down.
The trees in the forest are joining the chorus,
And swaying to the sound.

Hey beautiful girl,
Daddy loves you, he loves you.
Most beautiful girl in whole wide world.

I know that moons rise, and time flies,
and sweet little girls get older.
But when your tooth aches or your heart breaks
will you still cry on my shoulder?

Hey beautiful girl,
Daddy loves you, he loves you.
Most beautiful girl in whole wide world.

9 thoughts on “Hey Beautiful Girl (story and song)

  1. This post brought tears to my eyes. As a mom of 3 little ones, and our 4th on the way very soon, I know these days will fly by. We all enjoy your songs, especially Beautiful Girl. It’s my daughter’s favorite. Thank you for sharing your memories and songs with us all. Blessings!

  2. Thank you so much for this song! It is one of my favorites. As a father of 11 – including 5 girls, some of my most precious memories have been stumbling around in the dark holding them and singing over them as they drift off to sleep. (this is what I picture in Zephaniah 3:17). Our oldest daughter is 17 now, and our youngest is 5 months. I love that I still get to do this!

  3. Love this song. I sang it to my own daughter when I would carry her around the house trying to help her fall asleep. Thanks for sharing such a personal expression from the heart.

  4. This song reminds me how fail-able I can be but also to keep striving to have our Isabelle cry on my shoulder as I continue to give her and our imperfect relationship to the One who gave her to us.

  5. I was tearing up over this song while trying to sing it just last week. Thank you, Randall, for your father’s heart and your delight in what you’ve been given.

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