My Dove Awards Speech


Our trip to the Dove Awards was such a fun treat. Our nomination was such a surprise, that even though I did not take home a statue, I still felt like we won something.

The Slugs & Bugs “representatives” took up half a row of seats at Lipscomb’s Collins Auditorium.  Amy, my parents, and my second mom (Amy’s mom) sat to my right. And to my left sat my friends Laura Preston and Josh Peterson, both of whom play vital roles in the world of Slugs & Bugs. My only disappointment for the day was not getting the chance to publicly praise and thank them.

So that’s what this post is for. Here’s my “day after” speech…

It has been so fun to be nominated for a Dove Award. I am so grateful for the people who voted for Sing the Bible, and for the chance to thank my amazing, kind, tenacious, generous and loyal Slugs & Bugs Team. Thank you to my friend and brilliant producer Ben Shive. Sing the Bible could never have reached so many if it didn’t sound so awesome (because of you). Thank you to Brian and Emily from Turning Point Media for catching the Slugs & Bugs vision and sharing our story with so many. Thanks to Micah Watson for booking all my shows (so I can pay my bills), and for representing me so well. Thank you Josh Peterson for believing in me, for your tireless support and encouragement, and for helping me see a clear path on the business side of Slugs & Bugs.

Thank you to Laura Preston, my “Chief of Staff” and “Wearer of Many Hats.”  You do SO MUCH OH MY GOSH! (Insert audience laughter). But among all your different roles in the Slugs & Bugs Universe, your most valuable is the role of trusted friend. Thank you for your passion and commitment and love for me and for this calling.

Finally, thanks to my parents (all three of them, see 2nd paragraph) for your love and support for me in this strange calling. Thank you to my wife and best friend, Amy. You are my hilarious and beautiful rock. Thanks for loving me through it all.  And thanks to all the Slugs & Bugs families out there. Thank you for listening, for sharing your stories, for buying the CDs, and for coming to the concerts. You guys keep this train running!

I love what I do, and I love the people I get to do it with. I feel blessed beyond measure. Praise the Lord!


Randall Goodgame is the founder of Slugs & Bugs Family Music. Their latest CD Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs was nominated for Children’s Album of the Year at the 2015 Dove Awards.

To purchase our all-Scripture CD, Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs, (click here)

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