Studio Update! (Sing the Bible Vol. 2 )

IMG_8024Today is Labor Day in the U.S., and many of our countrymen have the day off. However, Ben and I decided to work a few hours, just to stay on schedule.

Also, today may be our last chance to record my daughter, Livi Goodgame. Because of her high school class schedule, cross country schedule, and violin practice/lessons/fiddle group schedule, Livi can be hard to, well, schedule.

She has sung on every S&B CD, and she’s been a huge part of Slugs & Bugs this year, so we spent from 10 to 2 recording Livi and her mom, Amy (my harmoniously gifted wife).

They sang background vocals on Masterpiece and Hear, O Israel. Even though it was technically work on a holiday, we still had a great time. Here’s a few pics and a VERY brief video.



2 thoughts on “Studio Update! (Sing the Bible Vol. 2 )

  1. Hi My name is Audrey and we are coming to your concert tomorrow night. I would like to interpret it for our deaf daughter so she is not standing alone in the mist of people having fun and wondering why everyone is smiling about and therefore feeling very lonely. If you could please e-mail so I could arrange for seating for my family and a place for me to interpret where she can see what is going on that would be great. I wish I had thought of this before so we could have advertised it and had more families of deaf come. Thank, Audrey

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