Deep Gratitude and a CD Cover Controversy!

Today marks the end of our third Kickstarter campaign. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and filled with excitement about it all: getting these particular scriptures in the hearts of my kids and yours, getting to make all this new music with excellence, and partnering with a wide and deep community of believers to do it all together.

Since we hit two stretch goals, we’ll be making 2 new animated videos, as well as hosting a Kickstarter Supporters Only live online concert later this year.

There are so many pieces to the puzzle in any recording project. We have completed the funding, we will be recording through mid-September, and we are now moving to artwork. Our illustrator, Zach Franzen, has begun drawing for the cover, while Roy Roper is designing it. And now there is controversy in the ranks at Slugs & Bugs,  as two possible (very similar) covers have risen to the top. Now it’s time for YOU to weigh in.

Which one is your favorite? Option 1 or Option 2?

Option 1
Option 1
Option 2
Option 2

25 thoughts on “Deep Gratitude and a CD Cover Controversy!

  1. Option 1! I think that makes it clearer that it’s volume 2. The “2” in the other cover doesn’t seem distinct enough from the title.

  2. I honestly think both are fine. But, option one looks like the album is by “slugs and bugs volume 2”. But it is by slugs and bugs. You know? Does that make sense? Therefore, I like option 2. I also like “bible” in yellow because it is bright and stands out more than the blue. I love all you do, Randall, so no matter what, it will be great!!!!!

  3. Soooo, I think I like Option 1 better because the big 2 in option 2 seems to cut off that adorable raccoon. But I do agree there’s some confusion with the “with Slugs & Bugs Volume 2” as if Slugs & Bugs were volume 2, not Sing the Bible…. How’s that for clear as mud?

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