Day 5 in the Studio (Chipotle and Homemade Cookies)


I mention the food because that may have been the best part of our day.

Today was a struggle! We did settle on a form for Hear, O Israel, and we did find a nice tempo and a new key for Let Your Light Shine (F). But otherwise, today was marked by hours of mostly unfruitful attempts at inspiration. We chased more empty rabbit trails than Elmer Fudd. 

Ironically, lunch was inspiring in more ways than one. While sharing Chipotle on Ben’s back porch, he shared about an insight/conviction that the Holy Spirit brought to his attention while mowing the lawn.  It reminded me of an Utmost I had read that morning. That was about when Beth (Ben’s wife) brought out the cookies.

And then we went back to the abyss.

Thankfully, neither of us became nervous or impatient, because we’ve both been there before. Making records is a little like parenting.  You get grey hair and ulcers trying to keep the first kid germ-free, but the third kid gets to crawl on the floor underneath the booth at Las Palmas. 

So, no sweat. Today was not the most productive day, but we gave it our best shot the same as every day. We’ll give it another shot tomorrow. Prayers appreciated.


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