We Reached Our Kickstarter Goal! (Now What?)

Yea!! We reached our Kickstarter Goal! We were confident this would happen, but it is still exhilarating and humbling to see. Thank you to everyone who has jumped on board to help us make a brand new CD of word-for-word Scripture songs for families everywhere!

(here’s the link to keep spreading the word! – http://kck.st/1H60szM )

Now, there’s two weeks left in the campaign to top it off. If we don’t run into extra expenses, we’ll use the overages to help promote the release of Sing the Bible Volume 2.

The Slugs & Bugs fan base does an amazing job of spreading the word by word-of-mouth, but smart marketing can make a huge difference. We don’t have a big marketing budget like major label artists do, so when we use our funds to spread the word, we do it wisely.

Here’s the stretch goals we’ve put in place… hopefully we can reach one or two of them!

1. If we hit $50k we will host an online concert exclusive to ALL Kickstarter supporters! We’ll bring in special guests, laugh and sing and play through many of the new songs, and we’ll throw some classic Slugs & Bugs songs in there as well. – AND, we’ll produce a brand new Slugs & Bugs animated video!

2. If we reach $55k we’ll make ANOTHER brand new Slugs & Bugs animated video!

3. If we hit $60k we have THREE stretch goals planned. 

  • We will produce a “Sing the Bible” Study Guide / PDF family devotional (free to THE LIGHTNING BUG tier and all higher tiers) available in 2016!
  • Sing on the next Slugs & Bugs CD! For THE BUG COLLECTOR tier and all higher tiers! It may be 2016 or 2017, but if you choose to travel to Nashville for the recording session, you can join a choir of families and have your names and voices on our following full-length CD!
  • We will produce YET ANOTHER brand new Slugs & Bugs animated video!

4. If we hit $65k we will hire a videographer for a “the making of Sing the Bible” video, with great behind scenes footage of the recording process. We’ll make it available to every tier!

5. If we somehow hit $70k, it will jumpstart the creation of (and make free) a Slugs & Bugs App with Scripture Memory Games and sing-along videos and whatever else we can think of – available to everyone in 2016!

Thank you for your support and for helping us get the word out for two more weeks!

Here’s the link to the Kickstarter page, in case you missed it – http://kck.st/1H60szM

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