My “9 Year Old Genius”

In our most recent video for our Sing the Bible Kickstarter Campaign, there’s a shot of our son Ben, that was super fun to put together. He’s wearing his brother’s glasses, a green “standard school attire” collared shirt, and a Hogwarts student Halloween costume robe. In case you didn’t catch all the details, here’s the picture in all of its silly glory.

Ben is actually 8 years old, but for some reason “9” seemed funnier. If you missed this video altogether, check it out here…

3 thoughts on “My “9 Year Old Genius”

  1. This reminded me of an magazine piece that was titled
    “Nine to the universe”.
    It’s not “Nine to the moon”,
    but nearly. And yes, nine is funnier to get to rhyme (“gabardine swine”, not of my invention), while eight (“hate”)… Well, you get it…

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