What Is Slugs & Bugs?

This is so fun. Back in the early days of Slugs & Bugs, I hired a friend of mine to help out for a few months with all the phone calls and emails we had to make each day. His name is Alan Stricklin, and he’s got a fascinating life.

He is a gifted audio guy, and worked deep in the belly of NPR for years, until making a 180º for the change of pace that contract work on farms and festivals and shipping freighters on Lake Michigan would bring. These days he is the go-to guy for Young Life’s audio needs around the country, and they are lucky to have him.

In addition to all that, as you’re about to hear – he’s also got a brilliant voice. It’s my friend Alan narrating the video below. We had so much fun going over the top, with all of the “In a World” voiceover cliches,  and it was great to have him back on the Slugs & Bugs team. We recorded scripts for two Slugs & Bugs promo pieces, and this is the first one!

Thanks to all the families from our newsletter The Slugs & Bugs Bacon who sent in photos and videos! There was clearly some hard work and preparation behind those signs and photos, and it was AWESOME to have those great pics for this video. They make me smile every time I see them!

Thanks for jumping in and spreading the word about our Kickstarter campaign! Here’s the link to find out more…

Click here for Sing the Bible Volume 2!

For more info about Slugs & Bugs, check out our website at slugsandbugs.com

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