Sing the Bible Volume 2 Approaches! (1 way to help now)

Very soon, there will be many ways to help as we launch our Kickstarter* Campaign (by mid-June!) for Sing the Bible Vol. 2

But for now, there’s one particular way. We’re tweaking our Kickstarter rewards, and we need your input. We’ll definitely include the usual rewards of CDs, CD bundles, CD and DVD bundles, concerts, etc. BUT,  if you have any other ideas for good rewards for Kickstarter contributors, please leave them in a comment below. Don’t be afraid to be creative! We’d like to know if you like posters or ornaments, but I’ve wondered what we have yet to think of… Though just this once, resist the temptation to be silly. That could snowball real quick.

For a bonus 2nd way to help, “Like” the Slugs & Bugs Facebook page. In addition to all the fun videos and other posts, we often post important notices about official S&B happenings there.

Thanks so much!!


*(What is a Kickstarter Campaign? – It’s a form of crowd funding, where fans pre-order CDs and other rewards to help fund the creation of the new project. Brilliant, right? Slugs & Bugs has successfully crowd funded our last 3 CDs, so we literally can’t do this without you.)

7 thoughts on “Sing the Bible Volume 2 Approaches! (1 way to help now)

  1. t-shirts with the music video style artwork… chord charts… songbook for kids with words and pictures to follow along with the CD.

  2. I like all of the previous ideas!! – artwork for my boys’ rooms, t-shirts, a chance for a child to sing on an album, and a sing-along-book.

  3. Bonus tracks – or a short EP – just for kickstarter supporters. Limited number of early bird donors get the same gifts for a slightly cheaper price. At a certain price point, you can get a coupon for a free digital download of an older album of your choice.

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