Slugs & Bugs is UK Bound!

london1Just a quick post today. Livi and I are minutes away from boarding our Virgin Atlantic flight to London.

Last night some dear friends called us and prayed for us over FaceTime. It was a caring gesture and was deeply meaningful for us. Our friends prayed that the gospel would take root in the hearts of those who hear us, and I’m writing this to ask if some of you would pray the same thing.

Many of our concert hosts in England are voices in the wilderness. In England and Wales, there are not churches on every corner, filled with people, like there are in Nashville and so many cities where we play in the US.  Please pray with us that our words would be made attractively peculiar by the illuminating power of the Holy Spirit. Pray that the fun and silliness of Slugs & Bugs will reflect the peace and joy that comes from our rest in Christ, and that my words will be clear and true.

To paraphrase Tim Keller, Livi and I are carrying dynamite. Pray that we would handle it with care and that God would use our foolishness to make his wisdom known. Thanks so much. – Randall

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