We Are All Baptized.



Praise the Lord! All three of our kids were baptized this past Sunday. Our daughter, Livi, is 14. Jonah is 12, and Ben is 7. The service was amazing, because God is amazing, and I am so thankful.

I’ve rewritten this post four times now, and each time it gets smaller. Here’s the point:

We were frustrated. I lost sleep. Amy and I argued. Our children have been communion-taking believers for years. Multiple baptisms were scheduled and cancelled because of my crazy tour schedule and “whyever” else. The details don’t really matter, since the point is frustration with God.  Can you relate to being frustrated with God’s timing? Have you ever wondered, “Why is this so hard? It doesn’t make sense!”

Finally, we found a weekend when I was in town, and the baptism was scheduled for this past Sunday.  We got them up early, I made omelets and each kid got a Krispy Kreme donut (chocolate covered). They had memorized their answers to the few questions they would be asked. I found myself becoming thankful that each child was at their present age and level of understanding.

Then, unbelievably, the Scripture reading for the day was the baptism of the Ethiopian courtier. That passage appears once every three years in the lectionary calendar. Did I mention that Ben is from Ethiopia? Father Thomas McKenzie preached a powerfully moving sermon on the sovereignty of God and our salvation through adoption. It was an unforgettable service. There were tears of joy. All my past frustration and angst was gently revealed as simple unbelief. There were tears of repentance.

I wanted to share this story because I need to hear it myself, again and again. God is faithful. You cannot thwart his plans, but you can miss out on the joy and peace that comes from resting in him, and trusting in him. I often do. But I’m not missing out today. I pray that you won’t either. Praise the Lord.


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3 thoughts on “We Are All Baptized.

  1. Our church that doesn’t always use the lectionary has been using it lately, so our sermon included those same verses. How awesome that you got a glimpse to why God’s timing is always perfect. Thanks for sharing this story here.

  2. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since we first met when you were sitting in the mess hall by youtself in Fairmont West Virginia. Now, you and Amy have 3 trophies of grace. You’ve come a long way my friend and all in God’s timing. Unbelief racks us but God is great. He gave you His Spirit, Amy and 3 beautiful children. Now rest in the reality of the cross. Blessings to all my friend.

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