Birthday Week Roundup / New Song

Thanks to all of you, Slugs & Bugs had an outstanding birthday week!

1. Hundreds of new people heard S&B for the first time and joined the Slugs & Bugs family through our 50% off sale

2. I wrote and introduced a new Scripture song – (see video below, with a passage chosen by you guys!)

3. We gave away dozens of poster downloads to our subscribers

4. We were featured all week on Haven Today – broadcast on over 600 stations around the world

5. We released Sing the Bible chord charts and performance tracks in our webstore

6. We wrapped up the week with two great concerts in the beautiful Salt Lake valley in Utah. (Livi took this picture right outside the church parking lot!)LiviUtah


So thanks again for stopping by and helping us celebrate our 5th Birthday! Here’s the new song we posted on our facebook page last week. It’s Philippians 2:14-16 (word-for-word from the NIV translation).


Looking for some awesome music to listen to with your family? Cool. We’ve got some. 

To purchase our word-for-word Scripture CD, Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs, click here.STBcover

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