Birthday is Coming!

Birthday is ComingWednesday marks the official 5 year mark for Slugs & Bugs Family Music!


We’re doing all sorts of stuff this week to celebrate our birthday. Starting yesterday we’re having a RIDICULOUS sale (50% off!) for downloads through Friday!  We’re releasing Sing the Bible chord charts, performance tracks, writing new songs, and releasing new videos, and now you can even get Sing the Bible on iTunes! 

One other cool thing happening is kind of an experiment. I thought it would be cool to celebrate our birthday by giving birth to a new song. So, tomorrow, April 22., at 7 pm central time, I’m going to log on to Periscope (a live streaming site) and write a Scripture song for Sing the Bible Vol 2.  If you can log into Periscope (I think it may only be for Apple/iTunes devices so far…) you can witness the creation of the song in real time!  From wherever you are! What a crazy world.

If you can’t watch on Periscope, you can still participate by helping me pick out the Scripture verse. Make a suggestion on our facebook page! Find the recent post with a list of Scripture verses, make your suggestions and like others. Tomorrow night I’ll write a melody for the verse that is liked the most!

If you do want to follow along at 7pm CT next Wednesday, just get the Periscope app and follow me @randallgoodgame – I’ll go live at 7pm Central Time and I’ll post the new song Thursday morning on the Slugs & Bugs facebook page.

So, to recap, here’s how you can help us celebrate…

1) Spread the word about the huge 50% off discount to all your friends and loved ones.

2) Go to our facebook page (like it!), find yesterday’s post about Scripture songs, and choose 3 scripture verses (in the post) that you’d like to see turned into a song!

3) If possible for you, download the Periscope app (free) and join in the songwriting experiment on Wednesday

4) Share this blog post!

Thanks so much everyone! It’s going to be a great week for Slugs & Bugs Fans!

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