I Saw Imba Means Sing… and Wow.

The Goodgames with Erin Bernhardt, Producer of Imba Means Sing
The Goodgames with Erin Bernhardt, Producer of Imba Means Sing

Last night, I took my family to the Nashville Film Festival. We drove in to see Imba Means Singa documentary about the African Children’s Choir. I’ve been posting about Imba for the last year and a half, while the film finished shooting, production, editing and fundraising (all the profits go to the African Children’s Choir).

Incredibly, the kids in the movie are the very same kids that sang on our Sing the Bible CD. It shares their incredible story, so of course I’m excited. Over three days of recording, I fell in love with these Ugandan children that I now know by name.

So I’ve finally seen it, and what I really want to do is START TYPING IN ALL CAPS. THE DOCUMENTARY IS SO BRILLIANT! I was blown away. It was powerful and beautiful storytelling, without a whiff of sentimentality or emotional manipulation – when the content (poor orphan kids from Africa come to rich America to sing for their education funds) could have easily dipped its little toe into that dirty water. If it comes to your town, please, please, go. You will thank me. You know the small African voice that reads Galatians 5:1 on Sing the Bible track 1 (Freedom)? That’s little Moses, one of the central figures in the film.

If you are in Nashville, and can somehow make it to the noon showing on Tuesday, that’s the last time it will be available here. Go, go, go. Man… I wish I could drag everyone I know. I’m going again on Tuesday, let me know if you are coming and I’ll meet you there. We’ll see if you can spot the back of my head – it shows up for about two seconds half-way through the movie.

Here’s the link http://imbafilm.com – check it out and if you’re in Tennessee, click “screenings” for Tuesday’s showing details.

Here’s a short clip of our recording sessions in Nashville and North Carolina. These kids are the stars of Imba Means Sing!


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