Cellphone Jones (at Story Warren)

(This full post appears today, April 10, at StoryWarren.com)

I started writing  songs about family life when my kids were tiny. The first songs were lullabies and odes to diaper changes. Then came Slugs & Bugs and songs about lost pajamas, ninjas, and swinging on the swing set. Now, with kids at 14, 12 and almost 8, the content has morphed again.

Cell Phone Jones is our first Slugs & Bugs song about technology. Click on over to today’s post at Story Warren to check it out, and while you are there, browse around. Story Warren provides rich, valuable content for families every week. And they’re just really fun, cool people.

(here’s the full link) http://www.storywarren.com/cellphone-jones-a-new-unreleased-slugs-bugs-song/


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