Livi Goodgame’s Slugs & Bugs 101

As many of you know, my 14 year old daughter, Livi, is touring with me full time this January through May. She sings, plays fiddle, leads hand motions, trains the merchandise volunteers, helps load in and tear down and is always great company.  This is March, so we’re over halfway through this sweet season and I’m already bracing myself for when she goes to high school this Fall.

For now, though, Livi is neck deep in the Slugs & Bugs day-to-day. She likes helping me think about how to spread the word about Slugs & Bugs music, and a few weeks ago, she surprised me with this amazing video. (Kids these days! I didn’t even know she knew how to edit!)


Looking for some awesome music to listen to with your family? Cool. We’ve got some. 

To purchase our word-for-word Scripture CD, Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs, click here.STBcover





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