5 Years of Slugs & Bugs LIVE!

Amazingly, next month marks the 5 year anniversary of the official launch of Slugs & Bugs Family Music. It began on a warm April Saturday, when an awesome crowd of MOPS moms gathered with their kiddos at Grace Community Chapel in St. Peter’s Missouri.

Some families were familiar with the music, but it was brand new to most, and as I performed with videos and background tracks for the first time, I was a nervous wreck. Certain I was bombing, I bumbled lyrics, stumbled through stories and fumbled at my laptop keys.  Thankfully, I have never been more surprised after a concert.

The moms loved it. Their kids loved it. Everyone was so full of complements and thankfulness. I honestly couldn’t believe it until a new thought dawned. These moms were thankful because the rookie Slugs & Bugs concert, with all it’s flaws, succeeded in its essentials. Everybody had fun. The music was engaging for children and adults. And everybody got to hear the Good News in a way that was meaningful to them.

As I dwelt on that experience, it affirmed my calling and strengthened my resolve. Whether on a recording or LIVE in concert, Slugs & Bugs music would be hilarious and silly, while also artistically excellent and peppered with deep and sustaining gospel truth. Four CDs  and almost 300 concerts later, Slugs & Bugs remains committed to that ethos – serving whole families, not just their shortest members.

As we approach our official 5 year anniversary, I’ve become a bit nostalgic. I know how our kids have grown, and I wonder how your family has grown and changed.  Has Slugs & Bugs made a difference in the life of your family?  Has Slugs & Bugs blessed your family in small ways or even in big ways?  Knowing that stuff blesses us like crazy, and we’re trying to keep track of what really works about Slugs & Bugs for families, so please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear what makes Slugs & Bugs important to your family.

As we inch closer to April and our 5 year anniversary, stay tuned. We’ve got some fun stuff up our sleeves, including big dreams for the next 5 years. And don’t forget to leave a comment below – If Slugs & Bugs is important to you, we’d love to know why!

6 thoughts on “5 Years of Slugs & Bugs LIVE!

  1. We won a Slugs and Bugs Sing the Bible CD and this family loves it! My three year old was a bit concerned about the “naughty words” when he heard the lyrics “O, my God.” It’s difficult to explain the difference to a little guy. We are often heard singing Aliens and You Are the Christ. Thank you for making it easy to fit in some Jesus throughout our day.

  2. There are not quite words for the benefit you have bestowed upon our family. With four kids, the challenge of raising, loving, teaching, discipling/disciplining… is very high. We’ve jumped around the old GT and the Halo express with little interest. Psalty was good enough for a while, but when the inaugural Slugs and Bugs album came out, life changed. Tractor tractor was sung throughout the home! I still croon my children to sleep with “Beautiful Girl” and “You Can Always Come Home.” My now two year old sings his own versions of “Tractor Tractor” i.e. “Henry, Henry, going to the ball” and so on. The dinner table during taco night was punctuated by a little voice singing, “cheese dip, cheese dip.” We’re a hot dog family and my older girls recite the reasons why Hot Dog Buns are so tasty. And we all… all… paint the van with our voices singing, “you will rejoice over me with gladness.” The music has been beyond a blessing. it’s been an inspiration, encouragement, and a well needed laugh. Thank you.

  3. it’s provided fun, great memories, and the good news all presented in a creative format. it’s also provided each of my kid’s “songs”- ‘you can always come home’ for my boy and ‘most beautiful girl’ for my girl. thanks for everything.

  4. I just downloaded Sing the Bible this week, and once I heard it I also had to have the CD for the minivan. The song I keep going back to is Love. It’s so beautiful. I’ve been working on memorizing that chapter forever….it’s posted on my refrigerator; but i just couldn’t seem to do it. Then I heard your song and I keep playing it over and over and crying. i keep meditating on this passage with your song. It’s made it new again for me. What does it mean that Love Never Fails? Is there anything else in the Bible that’s described as Never Failing? I don’t think so. I am enjoying mulling that over.

    I still remember Scripture passages from songs I learned as a kid. I’m so glad you are helping that happen for our kids’ generation.

    Anyway, your music is for the whole family, and my whole family loves it, but you’ve really, really blessed this mama. The instruments and the melodies hit me in my soul in a way that plain words just do not. thank you so much.

    P.S. Buddy Greene!!! I’ve loved his music ever since I heard him for the first time at Cedarville College a million years ago!

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