A Post for Humans

During the busy tour season, the Slugs & Bugs schedule never stops. I travel out and play concerts on the weekend, fly home midday on Monday and jump into booking and blogging and posting and writing and practicing and homework help and ukelele lessons and business strategy and the rest of everything but rest until I leave again on Friday.

We see it coming… we squeeze in meaningful family time by eating dinner together Monday through Thursday, but there’s still basketball practice and fiddle group and spelling tests and all the things you know all about because you’ve got them too. Every family has their own version of the chaos these days.

This morning, I got up and made the coffee at 6, and brought a cup to Amy. She’s been reading the Bible since January, as in, she started in Genesis, and she’s now halfway through Deuteronomy. Turns out, when you’re reading the Pentateuch, a little coffee goes a long way.

I fed on the wisdom of My Utmost for His Highest for about 15 minutes and was going to pray, but we started talking and suddenly it was time to wake up the First Grader. Breakfast, music lessons, car pool, unpack from the weekend and all of a sudden it is 11 am and I’m typing out this blog post. It doesn’t really have a point, except to say, if wearing all these different hats is hard for you, you are not alone.

One of my sons was being a big twerp this morning, and I flicked him in the head like a big fat bully. This is not how I roll, but I am tired and human and I immediately made things worse. Reacting in anger to your kids is the ultimate humilifier. I humbled myself and thankfully received that quick forgiveness that is so typical of children.

I’ve read the life-hacking books. I’ve led small groups and taught bible studies on living by the Spirit, and I’ve written handfuls of songs about the sweet peace of life in Christ. He is real and true and his love has transformed me – and continues to do so. But I’m still human. If you are a human reading this today, I hope you will receive the grace to be forgiven for your failures. It is a precious gift, the most expensive kind. It cost Jesus everything, but he offers it freely to you today, because he loves you so very much.


Randall Goodgame is the founder of Slugs & Bugs Family Music. Listen or Purchase the newest CD, Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs here at slugsandbugs.com

2 thoughts on “A Post for Humans

  1. Thanks for posting this, Randall. i appreciate your transparency. And i think it’s easy for us to speak of generic grace which covers everything and yet covers nothing, just because it is generic. Hearing about grace given and received in specific circumstances for specific sins helps bring it home, and gives us hope that we, too, can give and receive specific grace, even if the specifics are different.

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