A Blast from the Past


Yesterday the good folks at The Rabbit Room featured a song from one of my old solo CDs. “Bluebird” was the title track of the Bluebird EP I recorded with my friends Winn Elliott and Michael Quinlan back in 2008.

I have fallen in love with making music for families, but I’m always honored whenever folks remember the music I made before this Great Slugs & Bugs Adventure. Thanks to Matt Conner for his long memory. Here’s the link to the post and the song. Let me know if you enjoy it!


With a quick Google search, I dug up this old picture from the Bluebird release concert at 12 & Porter. I love it because of how cool Andy Osenga looksRG and AO. If you’re curious, you can still get all the old RG CDs at the rabbitroom.com webstore. Either way, tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled, family centered programming with a post about Piggie and Gerald.  🙂



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