Review Week! Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson

All this week, I’ll be postings short reviews (and doing GIVEAWAYS!!) of new book releases that I think the Slugs & Bugs Blog readers will enjoy. Today’s review… Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson.

Too many voices clamor for attention. Many are unworthy of it. It is a pleasure and an honor, then, to lift up a worthy voice like Sally Clarkson’s.

Frankly, it is easy to imagine Sally as one of those untouchable mother/wife heroines who simply has it all together. She is wise and accomplished with a happy marriage and 4 brilliant, healthy, happy, full grown kids who are already adding to the Clarkson legacy. Thankfully, Own Your Life dispels that notion as quickly as Sally does in person as a humble listener, quick to admit her own faults and failings.

The messages of Own Your Life are familiar. Live with intention. Trust God. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Develop new habits. But this is not a book you’ve read before. From a well as deep as Sally Clarkson’s, these messages come alive with grit and vigor and strength. I love her repeated admonition to “follow hard” after Jesus, and in her own life stories, readers will find real encouragement to do just that.

This book was written for women, but Sally’s stories and insight were valuable to me throughout, as were the frequent Scripture references. However, I think chapter 7 was my favorite. “Allowing God’s Spirit to Breathe In You” – is a wonderful reminder of the intimate freshness of the Holy Spirit’s presence. A few excerpts:

Living in the Spirit is an active choice of your will. He will not force himself on you. Even as you choose to stop at a red light because you know it is the right thing to do, you can stop giving into your flesh, your striving, jealousy, pettiness – with the help of God’s Spirit. 

We are all works in progress. Rather than trying to be perfect in our own strength, God calls us to rest in Him. To learn from Him. To practice loving through Him. To talk to Him.

It reminded me of the earthy, tangible way Billy Graham’s classic book The Holy Spirit explained the easy accessibility of the Spirit of God.

Last year, on a Slugs & Bugs tour through Colorado, Sally and her husband Clay were my kind hosts for a weekend. It was such a pleasure getting to spend time with them and two of their grown children. Reading Own Your Life gives me a deeper look into their family story, and serves as a rich blueprint for a life well lived.


Lucky for you, I’ve got two copies to give away! You can’t have mine – it’s earmarked and my wife has already claimed it. But you could win one of these two copies if you leave a comment below telling us your favorite breakfast food. To encourage you, I’ll tell you mine is either fried eggs on toast or a bowl of Corn Chex sprinkled with fresh blackberries.


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20 thoughts on “Review Week! Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson

  1. I’m currently addicted to the Blueberry Pancake Muffins from the Dashing Dish cookbook. They’re delicious, easy to make AND healthy. And this book sounds fabulous. 🙂

  2. Eggs and hash browns “Scattered, Smothered & Covered” a la Waffle House, but prepared by my fabulous husband (who could fall back on a career as a line cook if his day job ever falls through)

  3. My absolute favorite breakfast is feasting on God’s word and then enjoying a healthy balanced meal of some kind like a fried egg with avacodo on a whole grain thin bun and maybe a piece of bacon in there too 🙂

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