My Utmost Notes – Jan. 5

January-5The first time Peter followed Jesus, he did not have the Holy Spirit. He followed because Jesus asked, and he was awesome, and Peter’s human instincts kicked in. I know how that feels. Greatness is attractive.

After Peter denied Jesus, he was humbled by the limits of his human willpower. Only after receiving the Holy Spirit and relying on the Spirit’s power could Peter become a true disciple, and live out his highest calling.

There are many human-powered ways to move through life.  And I love to “have a plan and work the plan.” But without the Lord directing my steps through daily attention to the Holy Spirit, I can never be a true disciple. I can’t love the people around me well, and I’ll never find peace in the midst of my striving.

I can’t even rely on the changes Jesus has already made in my heart and character. I can only rely on him. And he is faithful.

A man’s heart plans his way: but the LORD directs his steps. – Proverbs 16:9


Over the last 15+ years, I’ve opened My Utmost for His Highest more than I’ve opened my own Bible. It has always provided rich, daily refreshment and conviction, full of grace and yet full of holy fear of the Lord.  And best of all, it always points to Scripture, so even if I didn’t start with the Word, I often end there.

I started fresh again on January 1.  Though the words are familiar after all these years, still the Holy Spirit never ceases to use the thoughts of Oswald Chambers to point me to Himself. I decided to take distilled notes this week and share them on the blog as a part of my daily ritual. I hope it is of some benefit to others, because I already know it will benefit me.

That said, if you’re interested in hearing more, post a comment and let me know! 

3 thoughts on “My Utmost Notes – Jan. 5

  1. I had never realized that simple and profound point! I’m certainly interested in whatever else speaks to you.
    I routinely join for devotions, and would recommend it to any women you know!

  2. I received My Utmost for His Highest as a High School graduation gift. It was so meaningful to me that year. A couple of years ago, I returned to it, and was amazed by how much it had influenced my pattern of thinking, my understanding of Scripture, grace, holiness, and trust since then. I realized, “Oh, that’s where that idea grew from.” I love that you are sharing your notes here. I’ll join you in reading along.

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