Happy New Year! (2014 in Review)

Happy New Year!

Time flies.

As we looked back over 2014, we couldn’t help but chuckle and grin and scratch our heads. It is amazing what you can fit into a year! Here’s a few of our highlights.

January 11 –  First ever online Slugs & Bugs concert (eventually performing five online shows in 2014, including one for Tom and Deb (and now Joy!)Henderson)

January – April Designed and built the Shedquarters! (Finally, Slugs & Bugs has a home.)

May – Produced our video for “Old Testament Song” (with Matt Cosby)

June – Performed and led songwriting sessions at (the hugely successful) Inkwell Conference – hosted by StoryWarren.com

June – Harry Potter World!!

July – Slugs & Bugs returned to Canada!

July – Slugs & Bugs released our first DVD – with 18 songs and animated videos!

August – Officially released Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs 

September – Launched new website at http://www.slugsandbugs.com (and webstore, sweetly and admirably maintained by the S&B merch czarina, Amy Goodgame!)

September – Restore! We turned up the promotion and raised over $3200 in Sing the Bible sales for the amazing work going on at Restore International.

October – Led the worship for Together for Adoption conference in Greenville, SC

October – performed/spoke at Hutchmoot – the annual conference for RabbitRoom.com

November – Slugs & Bugs first ever concerts in beautiful Idaho

November – We had 23 family members over for Thankgiving. (Amy and I slept in the Shedquarters… cozy!)

December – Performed the Ryman in Nashville with Andrew Peterson’s Christmas masterwork -Behold the Lamb of God

And along the way…

Performed total 56 concerts for live audiences (dead audiences are not recommended)

Designed/printed new T-shirts, temporary tattoos, posters, and ornaments

New photos with Jeremy Cowart

New illustrations with Joe Sutphin

First ever Slugs & Bugs TV appearance

Wrote 14 new songs! (Including helping my friend Andrew Peterson work out the title track of his brilliant compilation CD After All These Years – don’t have it? go get it…).


Of course, even though I included Harry Potter World and Thanksgiving, the Goodgame family has a whole separate set of highlights that include things like… Harry Potter World and Thanksgiving.

From my family to yours, thanks for coming along for the ride.  Thanks to all of you who drive to concerts, follow the blog, chime in with encouragements on facebook and twitter, and buy CDs and other Slugs & Bugs products for gifts for loved ones.  If your family has been blessed by Slugs & Bugs, be assured that you guys bless my family as well.

We’ve got a HUGE year planned for 2015. My daughter is touring with me, we’re headed to the UK in May, and we’ve got some really exciting stuff just around the corner (right around my birthday…)  So stay tuned! We hope to see you out on the road, and out there in the Slugs & Bugs cyber-neighborhood!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Goodgame family… and the whole Slugs & Bugs team.


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