Blog Hop, Blog Hop, Stocking Giveaway!

What’s a BLOG HOP, you say? I’m glad you asked, because this “Favorite Things” blog hop has…

THIRTEEN chances to WIN!!

In a world… where family-focused bloggers band together to create (maybe) the greatest GIVEAWAY of all time… YOU… yes you, have 13 chances to become a very lucky winner.  

First, scroll down and look.  You will want to win these “Favorite Thing” prizes.

Then, scroll to the bottom to see the details for Slugs & Bugs giveaway items.

Enter to win the Slugs & Bugs Christmas “Stocking” (all the pictured S&B items) by leaving a comment below, THEN, hop to all the other sites and enter to win their stockings!

(We will choose our winning comment at random on Wednesday, Dec 17th!)

Take your time and scroll around in this great group of blogs. Each blogger is giving away super-cool stuff! (What’s in the Bible DVDs, Seeds Family Worship CDs, the Jesus Storybook Bible, super-comfy slippers, and that barely scratches the surface!)

Giveaway collage


Visit these great blogs for more chances to win more “Favorite Things!” “Blog Hop” ends in one week! (we’ll announce our winner announced on Wednesday, Dec 17th!!)

1. Thriving Home

2. Happy Home Fairy

3. The Nourishing Home 

4. Heavenly Homemakers

5. Meaningful Mama

6. Slugs and Bugs

7. Seeds Family Worship

8. Jennifer Ebehack

9. The Generous Wife

10. The Modest Mom Blog

11. My Humble Kitchen

12. Kara Chupp

13. Motherhood on a Dime

OK, now scroll down and leave a comment to win ALL these Slugs & Bugs prizes!!!

(3 posters, 4 CDs, a DVD, a T-shirt, an ornament, and a sheet of temporary tattoos!)

Psalm139poster orangeZebra Mothposter GreenSBshirt PROOF_11.13.14_KF.cdr SB_Tattoos7 STBcover sbc-cover_RED S&B DVD coverslugs05






























































































































































Slugs & Bugs CDs make great stocking stuffers! Visit the store to see our discount bundles…

Click here for Discount Bundles!

257 thoughts on “Blog Hop, Blog Hop, Stocking Giveaway!

  1. Very exciting! We’re familiar with you guys from WJTL, our local Christian radio station. Love having access to kid-friendly music built on sharing Jesus 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  2. These are great! I have been wanting to find a way to put psalm 139 in our kids’ room and this is a great way to accomplish it!

  3. Pingback: Stocking Giveaway!
  4. Upon receiving our Sing the Bible CD from Randy this past January, we have not listened to ANYTHING else! That’s 12 straight months of Sing the Bible, people. I cannot even buckle my seat belt, before hearing a cacophony of voices from the back regions of the family mini van, all joyously yelling “Listen to Randy!!!!” in unison. Priceless.

  5. These resources are darling! I could use them with children in Sunday School class and at the Christian Preschool where I teach! These would add fun to teaching the truth of Jesus to young hearts.

  6. You guys look rad 🙂 i have an almost 2 (her birthday is dec17!) An almost 1 in jan and our third on the way in march …our girls would love your cds i think 🙂 thankyou!

  7. I have heard great things about the Slug Bug CDs and I would love to be able to try them out with my 4 year old. I am sure we would both learn a few things!

  8. What an amazing collection you put together! I know my kids will enjoy the CDs & the DVD on our 12+ hour drive to grandmas this Christmas!

  9. I LOVE the new “Sing the Bible” CD and am ordering more for my grandchildren! Would give any of these as gifts. They’re great!

  10. The zebra and lion poster is my favorite!! my two favorite animals in one poster plus a wonderful message i wish everyone would live by.

  11. New to your cite but blessed by Heavenly Homemakers blog, she encouraged to check yours out also. Neat to see another strong Christian encouraging other.

  12. I have never heard of Slugs and Bugs!!! Maybe this is part of the point of doing a blog hop and give away all in one? So cool. My 1 year old loves music and does sing in his own way. I still remember songs with Scripture from when I was a kid. I will look into these no matter if I win or not. Thank you!!

  13. My brother and sister in law are both artists and would love slugs and bugs for their little boys. She even said on facebook tonight that nothing we want or receive for Christmas could be possible without an artist.

  14. Our three kiddos still love the Slugs, Bugs and Lullabies CD…”Whose got the Ball” makes them go crazy running around our house, and “God Made Me” gets played on repeat until I can’t get “….it could be gross but it’s not cause it’s Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior” out of my head for days!! Would love to experience some more Slug and Bugs in our day. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. My husband is an assistant pastor and also a bug lover. He has ministered to many children through his love for bugs. What a great site!

  16. Oh this giveaway is so much fun! I hopped over from Heavenly Homemakers. I would love to win, especially the CDs, but everything else I would use, gift, or put in my hope chest. 🙂

  17. Listening to the Tractor song and Piggy Toes got me through postpartum depression…I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. They made my two year old son laugh, which made me happy,and both of those things made my newborn learn to smile, too. It was the beginning of a new era for me. I’d love to be chosen to share the joy of Slugs & Bugs with others. : ) Merry Christmas!!!!

  18. I’ll be giving away your albums as Christmas presents anyways, but it sure would be nice to get a few more for our family too! 🙂

  19. We love Slugs and Bugs! My children have been learning a lot of great Scripture with your Sing the Bible CD, thank you!

  20. We love Slugs and Bugs! My daughter begs to have “Bears” on repeat every night. Yes. Just that one song… Over. And over. And over. And… you get the idea. 🙂

  21. I have your first album, and have dropped out of the loop. My daughter is now 14!! I didn’t know about your blog until seeing the link on Jennifer Ebehack’s site. Would love love love to win!

  22. Last Christmas I got the Sing the Bible CD for my nephew. It was mazing how a month later my whole family had all of those scriptures memorized! This giveaway is exciting!

  23. “Oh me oh my! Can roosters even fly? Yeeeees but not very far.”

    Cant wait for you to come to our church in january. I have been sharing Slugs and Bugs with the kids during choir, preschool praise and my mother’s morning out for years.

  24. What a bunch of cool stuff! My two-year old is a little songbird, and I love to encourage her to sing about Jesus and God’s Word. It seems like the CDs would be great!

  25. I love all of the items in your stocking, my favorite is the first poster, the one with the poem, love it. Thank you for this great giveaway and Merry Christmas.

    1. So excited for this discovery. My husband and I are always looking for tools that are focused on what we really need to be teaching our children.

  26. We absolutely love slugs and bugs… even though we don’t have slugs in the Arctic, and our bugs are mostly helicopter sized mosquitos. 🙂 Thanks for amazing, authentic music to share with churched children and unchurched alike.

  27. Just found you! Very interested in your music, especially the Bible cd. Thanks for doing this giveaway as I hadn’t heard of you yet! ❤

  28. My 9, 5 and 1 year old love to sing at Sunday School. I have never heard of you before, but I am excited to get to enter your giveaway =) It sounds like you have a lot of fans! Thank you for the opportunity to receive some great things! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  29. I have heard great things about Slugs and Bugs, but I haven’t actually heard it. 🙂 I would love, love, love to soon! 🙂

  30. My girls have been down with flu this week. Ive just discovered this site while browsing for Present ideas bc I havent gotten to finish shopping for taking care of my lil love bugs!

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