BIG News From the Slugs and Bugs Store! (Discounts, Tattoos, Posters, Oh My!)

Just in time for Christmas, there’s a slew of new goodies in the Slugs & Bugs Store, and TWO great discounts!

1. First, get 10% off everything in the store this week only (SALE ends Friday) by entering the discount code HAPPY at checkout.

2. OR, if you subscribe to our newsletter (The Slugs & Bugs Bacon), you’ll receive a 20% discount code in our Dec 1 edition!! Subscribe and SAVE!

Subscribe to the newsletter.

With that discount code, you can also get everything in the store! Here’s the list of new Slugs & Bugs goodies!

1. Temporary Tattoos!  – These tattoos are just the right size to fit on a cute little cheek or hand or shoulder. They are actually for sale now. Two (duplicate) sheets for $5. One sheet is pictured.























2. T-Shirts In More Sizes! – We now have the GREEN Superbug t-shirt in 3T, XS, S, M, L, and XL (all youth sizes).  Still no adult sizes yet. And in case you didn’t know, our iconic Superbug was illustrated by the one and only Andrew Peterson.
















3. Our New Slugs & Bugs Ornament! – This is our second S&B ornament in the series, and we’re so proud of it! With a lively illustration by Joe Sutphin, this shatter-proof ornament will be a joyful addition to many Christmas trees this December.
















4. Posters!! – Here’s a look at a all the S&B posters, now at a seasonal discount price.

Mothposter orangeZebra Psalm139poster



























































5. The DVD and CDs! – Of course we’ll have our new releases  (The DVD of animated videos and Sing the Bible), as well as all the Slugs & Bugs CDs over at the Slugs & Bugs Webstore!


S&B DVD cover











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