Slugs & Bugs in Alaska Video!

I recently came across this homespun youtube video from last year’s Slugs & Bugs concert in Kodiak, Alaska, where bears truly have no cares. The Kodiak Baptist Mission hosted Amy and me for 3 days, and Kelly and Stephen Foreman were wonderful hosts. The Baptist Mission is doing such important work in that difficult part of the country, and we were honored to come and share the light and love of Jesus with their community.

Their video does a great job capturing the fun we had in Kodiak, Alaska!


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2 thoughts on “Slugs & Bugs in Alaska Video!

  1. My family loved being a part of your recent concert in Columbia. I appreciate so much the equipping parents part of what you do. I caught your vision of taking our kids with us to Jesus as you sang, “Glory Hallelujah.” Last night at dinner, I mentioned being thankful for God’s love and my three year old chimed in, “Yeah, God loves me. He made me special.” He then spontaneously sang one of your songs on that theme and made the rest of us join him.Thank you for what you do. Slugs and Bugs is a truthful, joyful part of the fabric of our lives.

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