The Green Ember! FINAL DAY!!!!

If you haven’t already heard about The Green Ember… eek! You’re almost out of time! Order it today. Their hugely successful Kickstarter campaign is ALMOST OVER!

It has been such a joy to witness the surge of support behind The Green Ember. The author, S.D. Smith is a dear friend of mine, and I’m so excited for the rest of the world to learn what I already know. That is, Sam has a voice for children and families that the world needs to hear!

He helms the family resource blog which should be a weekly, if not daily stop for every parent.

But back to The Green Ember. Rabbits with swords! The Green Ember is a classic tale in the spirit of Redwall or Watership Down, with instantly gripping scenes and rich, memorable characters.  My own son, 11 year old Jonah Goodgame, swiped The Green Ember off my desk when I was only 2 chapters in, and here’s his completely spontaneous assessment.


As you can see… he absolutely loved it. He kept gushing about it on the camera, but I don’t want to give anything away. And I’m so proud that he loved the cover! The Green Ember was illustrated by Zach Franzen – the brilliant illustrator behind all of the Sing the Bible CD artwork!  So quick! Click Here to order your copy of The Green Ember today, and join the throng of supporters who know you can never have enough great stories.


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