The Three Pillars of Slugs & Bugs

As I travel around the country, I’m often asked what Slugs & Bugs is all about. For tonight’s Twitter Party, I thought I’d lay out a short outline to help our discussion!
The Three Pillars of Slugs & Bugs
1. Who is he/what’s the big deal
2. Why he matters in my everyday life – getting dressed, making coffee, taking out the trash, working, etc.
3. How a family lives together, with Jesus.


1. Silliness meets kids where they are, while simultaneously reminding parents who THEY are in Christ (little children).
2. Silliness presumes humility – you can’t look down on anyone when you’re being silly. It requires you to make yourself low – just like the gospel.
3. Silliness causes laughter 🙂 Who doesn’t need more of that?
1. Discipleship demands it (Be Excellent – Romans 16:19)
2. Kids deserve it – we should soak our children in excellent artistry – whatever the sort.
3. Parents deserve it – if their kids enjoy the music, parents are going to have to listen to it A LOT.  Parenting is hard enough without having to endure repeated listenings of bad music. Talk about adding insult to injury! Rather, they should enjoy it so much that they are glad to hear it again.
Briefly… The inspiration for Slugs & Bugs came from having my own children, and always feeling like a hypocrite whenever I talked about the gospel with them. Nobody knows you like your kids, and whenever I would talk about Jesus and holiness and honoring God with your life, I could hardly do it because I felt like such a fraud. Lord knows I dishonor the Lord with my behavior in many ways every day.
And then… I realized that I was going about it all wrong. Instead of trying to teach them about how Jesus wanted them to act, I began teaching them what a life walking with Jesus is like for me. And that changed everything.
Slugs & Bugs was born out of a desire to help other parents connect with their kids in the same way.  Singing silly songs right next to spiritual songs puts the gospel in its proper context, right along side every other aspect of life.
(Please pardon the formatting… wordpress is giving me fits tonight)

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