Chalk Talk

As our kids grow, our mantras change.

“Use your fork, not your fingers,” morphs into “don’t talk with your mouth full” before we know it. As they continue to grow, the messages often pertain to how they treat one another.

“Treat her like you want to be treated.’

“Respect your brother.”

” You are not the family policeman.”

Las year, Amy bought a a chalkboard for our kitchen, so she could point to a message instead of having to say it over and over.

This new one was born out of trying to find a new way to say an old thing. Our kids can be hard on each other. “Please, give him a break,” is a constant refrain and reminder for extending grace. Then, the other day I was telling my son that whoever crosses your path, your first job is to love them. Those two thoughts merged and became our newest chalkboard message.  I thought I’d share it with you guys, since it seems to be helping.


If you see someone, love them. If they frustrate you, give them a break.

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