Why Are We Donating To Restore Academy?

RIchard, Bob and KidsWe are donating 100% of our September profits from Sing the Bible to Restore Academy. Why are we doing that?

In the Fall of 2012, I traveled to Uganda with a small team headed up by my friend Bob Goff. Bob is the founder and “chief balloon blower” of Restore Academy – a K-through-12 school in Gulu, Uganda, one of the most war-torn areas of the country. While we were preparing for our trip, Bob’s book Love Does was quickly becoming a national phenomenon. By the time we hit Kampala, Love Does had become a New York Times best seller. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and be inspired to live a life of adventure, filled with love.

It was love that inspired Bob to start a school in a city with a huge population of children orphaned by the ravaging of the LRA in Northern Uganda. And it is love and grit that keeps these amazing kids going.  I spent only one day with the students there, and it was all I needed to see the strength and passion and kindness they carry with them wherever they go. (Read more about them here).

That’s why we are raising money with 100% of Sing the Bible sales in September. The world needs these young people. They have overcome so much.  Unfortunately, many graduates from Restore can not afford higher education. Even though it is cheap by Western standards, tuition costs for these future leaders can push University study out of reach. Now, with your help, more students will attend college and bring more hope to their country’s future.

I’m quite honored to partner with Restore Academy, and you will be too. Pick up a copy of Sing the Bible today, and let’s see how many kids we can get through their first year of college. Consider buying 5 or 10 and giving them to friends. All the songs are word-for-word Scripture, so you could give them out to church members, or your sunday school class! They also make GREAT Christmas gifts.

Finally, if you’re wondering if you’d like this music, check it out and decide for yourself. Here’s a page where you can listen. Even with 30 second clips, you can get the gist… (for full songs, click through past blog posts like this one). If you’ve heard the music and you love it – share in the comments below! What is special to you about this music? Help me encourage others to pick up a copy while they still count for the young people of Restore Academy.

Our Website: www.slugsandbugs.com

Restore Academy’s parent organization: www.restoreinternational.org

(btw: I took that picture, Bob is holding the enormous balloon, and his son Richard is holding the camera. The students are Restore Academy students)

2 thoughts on “Why Are We Donating To Restore Academy?

  1. Randy, Paul and I have been meaning to write you since we saw you in January and got a “hot off the presses” copy of Sing the Bible. To say this CD has “changed our lives” sounds so dramatic, but to try to find the words to express the Joy & Peace that has been infused into our family through these ‘songs’ (aka God’s truths) doesn’t seem quite possible. As a mommy, I have had an aching desire to saturate my children in the life -changing Word of God. But in today’s age of a million distractions, memorizing scripture always seemed to fall flat! Sing the Bible has brought glorious scripture into our hearts, into our thoughts and actively into our lives! I cannot get our car out of the driveway without hearing our 2 & 7 yr old boys call out from the back seat, “LISTEN TO RANDY!” At 2 yrs old, little Max is singing every single Word and these Words are being pressed into his heart and soul. We have had countless conversations with our 7 yr old (that were prompted BY HIM while we are listening to Sing the Bible) about the Truths of God’s Word and how & where we can apply them into our daily living. We ALL find ourselves singing &/or humming these scripture songs throughout each day. The beauty of the music combined with the inspiring voices of the African Children’s Choir and the fact that the eternal truths of God’s Word are ministering to our spirits… all while we are effortlessly memorizing scripture….is such a priceless gift! Speaking of gifts, I have given Sing the Bible to an elderly friend who lives in a nursing home, a widow in my bible study, a single teacher at our school, grandparents and many others… the Joy that leaps into your heart while listening is for ALL ages! Thank you Randy!

    1. Wow – Anna, thank you for this. I’m so glad the music is serving you guys well. Thanks for taking the time to spell that out – and for sharing the music with others! You guys are an inspiration and I hope to see you next time we’re in Florida!

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