The Long Awaited Slugs & Bugs DVD!

S&B DVD cover

Our animated videos have always been a huge part of the Slugs & Bugs Live concert experience. At every concert, someone always asks me where they can get them, and now I finally have a good answer! You can purchase all the animated videos from the first three CDs right here at the Rabbit Room.

There are 17 videos on this first DVD, including old favorites and some that have never appeared in concert. Here’s the track listing…

1. Stop
2. The Postman
3. Who’s Got The Ball
4. God Made Me
5. Bears
6. Chicken Wiggle
7. Tractor, Tractor
8. Tiger
9. Jesus Loves Me
10. Shepherd Dad
11. God Makes Messy Things Beautiful
12. I’m Adopted
13. Mexican Rhapsody
14. Where You Gonna Go
15. I Wanna Help
16. Dizzy
17. Ninja

These videos have consistently captured the simple joyfulness of Slugs & Bugs music. I’m so thankful for Scott Brignac and Nora Ashkar for the delightful productions that have brought Slugs & Bugs to the screen for thousands of families, and I’m thrilled to finally have a video for Ninja – by Matt Cosby.

There are 3 animated videos available on Youtube (Bears, God Made Me, Tractor-Tractor), and amazingly, Tractor-Tractor has over two million views. Here it is now for your green and orange enjoyment…



To purchase the Slugs & Bugs DVD, click here.

One thought on “The Long Awaited Slugs & Bugs DVD!

  1. I just found your music from Sally Clarkson. Excited to use your music in my home for my toddler and to give as gifts. This is great. Thank you for putting God’s Word to music!

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