Old Testament, New Video… and YOU

We are making a new Slugs & Bugs video, and we need your help!

The Old Testament Song video will feature a train pulling a multitude of train cars, all bearing Old Testament names. Your job is to help us come up with pictures to draw on or around the different books.  We’ve got a few of them covered, but as you can see we are stumped for others.

Check out below and see if you can come up with some drawing ideas for some Old Testament train cars! Leave them in the comments section – and feel free to comment more than once. (And if you’ve got creative friends, share this post – we’re all ears!)

3_1and2Sam_1and2Chron 8_Zeph_Hag_Zech_Mal 7_Joel_Am_Oba_Jo_Mic_Nah_Haba 6_Is_Jer_Lam_Ez_Dan_Hosea 4_Ezra_Neh_Est_Job 1_Gen_Ex_Levi_Numb

5 thoughts on “Old Testament, New Video… and YOU

  1. Deuteronomy could have something doubled (or is that too obscure?). Joshua could have a wall, maybe falling bricks. Hmmm…. Ezra could add a scroll….

    Psalms, Proverbs…maybe a shepherd and a king? You could have music notes with Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon (or maybe a pomegranate 😉 ).

    I’ll keep noodling….

  2. How about an alien on the Deuteronomy car? Obviously a nod to “Alien” but maybe also symbolizing the set-apartness of God’s people that Deuteronomy is all about. On “Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations,” you could do a storm cloud with a bolt of lightning to symbolize judgment. Add a sun peeking out from behind the cloud to indicate the promise of deliverance (under Cyrus as well as through the Messiah) that is prophesied.

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