Are There Aliens in the Bible? (STB Track 8)

This post is the eighth in a series. All the lyrics to Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs are word-for-word Scripture. I hope this series helps parents talk with their kids about each passage on the CD.



Do not eat anything you find already dead. But you may give it to the alien living in your town.

Deuteronomy 14:21


So, the short answer is, yes. There are aliens in the bible.  Of course, as Sally suggests, when the word “alien” appears in the Bible, it means “foreigner” or  “stranger in the land” or “someone not in Kansas anymore.” So, we are clearly having fun. But this levity carries with it a small side of profundity.

I certainly don’t expect anyone to build a Sunday School lesson around Alien, but I am excited to highlight how easy it can be to misunderstand Scripture. Hopefully, this song will serve as an audible object lesson with a catchy chorus. Read the Bible, pray for discernment, but also learn from your elders in the faith.

Additionally, for kids with some Bible upbringing, it can be shocking to discover people that take the Bible seriously but have a totally different understanding of what is being communicated.  In Alien, I’m obviously getting it all wrong. But the Bible is jam-packed with mysteries like, oh, lets say… creation, the incarnation, and the resurrection for starters… that many sensible people disagree about.

Just like it is good for kids to see their parents argue from time to time, it is good for them to see people disagreeing about scripture – and remaining friends. To be fair, that’s not exactly what is going on here. But hopefully this silliness can be a good jumping off place for that kind of discussion.

Or it can just be your funky Summer jam. Either way is cool with me.

Bye bye, Randall.


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