And Lo, a Shedquarters Appeared In the East

For (what seems like) the past two thousand years, Slugs & Bugs has been homeless. Taking shelter wherever wifi and coffee were simultaneously available, Slugs & Bugs has somehow managed to churn out 70+ songs and book over 250 shows, and I’ve eaten so many (not very good) Starbucks scones that I’m now gluten-sensitive.

Then, in January, I began to hammer. We have a 12×16 shed in our backyard, and O, what I would give for a video montage of the past 60 days in that shed to the tune of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,”of my brother-in-law Marty Booth and I lifting insulation, stretching measuring tape and trying not to shoot each other with nail guns.

The consistency of a World Shedquarters should truly be a game-changer for Slugs & Bugs day-to-day. I am at my best within a somewhat rigid structure, which has been unattainable until now.  There is one thing I’ll miss, however, and that’s seeing my friends Pete Peterson and Ben Shive from the big red couch at the Rabbit Room/Beehive in Berry Hill almost daily. They’ve let me hang out there to work quite a bit over the last couple of years (I’m typing this post from the big red couch right now). Fun, interesting people like Jonathan Rogers, Matt Connor, Jennifer Trafton (Peterson), Russ Ramsey, and Josh Shive frequently pop in bearing good conversation, and sometimes even coffee or cookies… but you see where this is going. Goodbye good times, hello good work environment.

Below, you can witness some of the shed-to-Shedquarters transformation by photo.  Vinyl siding goes up tomorrow (I wanted ship-lap, but my wife holds the aesthetics trump card, and she played it). And then next week we paint the  floor! Crazy!

These first pictures are of the back of the shed.  We removed the double doors and framed an opening for a the window.


Framed, removed some joists, and installed the window and insulation…


After the drywall guys came, we put up the plywood wall…IMG_4404

as backing for the barn wood ($50 on Craigslist!). Then I painted the walls and installed the new plywood floor (the old floor was whopperjawed)


Below are all pictures of the front door inside.


Window – Habitat Restore


1930’s door – Craigslist.


Drywall guys – God bless them…



I’ll post about this again in the next week or two after the floor is painted and the siding is up.  Thanks for checking out the progress on the Slugs & Bugs World Shedquarters!

One thought on “And Lo, a Shedquarters Appeared In the East

  1. Ah, Randall, this is wonderful to see. I miss the garage office I built almost ten years ago (perhaps I should confess a touch of envy here).

    Onward, good sir.

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