Slugs & Bugs ALL REQUEST – ONLINE concert!

What? Yes. You heard right.  You can now attend a Slugs & Bugs concert from the comfort of your own couch. On Saturday, (March 15th) the Goodgames will re-arrange the furniture, set up a microphone and this very laptop I’m typing on right now, and count down the seconds to 9:30 AM Central Time. allows artists to host shows from any wifi signal, and my whole family loved performing with me for the last three.  All you have to do is purchase your ticket (this week’s concert is a “pay what you want” concert), and visit the concert webpage at showtime.

The extraordinary thing about this weeks show is – it’s my first ever ALL REQUEST concert! After you get your ticket you can type your requests in the box on the right side of the screen. Have a favorite S&B song you’ve never heard live? Type it in!  Unless it is physically impossible to perform, we’ll do our best to get to it during the 45-50 minutes.  And that reminds me – the concert promotion says they are 30 minutes long, but there’s always an encore before Stageit gently closes the door.

The last Stageit concert got rave reviews from everyone we heard from, and for the few who had problems with video clarity – I’ve learned how to change the settings so there should be no more video “sticking” during the performances. But do be sure you quit all other applications before viewing.

One last thing… on a personal note, these shows provide a way for me to “go to work” without having to get on a plane and fly away from my family for the weekend.  We’re hoping to reach 200 screens, so even if you can’t make this concert, please spread the word to your friends and neighbors that are Slugs & Bugs fans.  It really does help us, and I’m hoping to continue to build this “online concert” experience so that you’ll make your plans around it! Share! Share! Your friends will thank you!

See you Saturday, don’t forget to make your requests, and THANK YOU for spreading the word! Here’s the link to pass around…

Shortened link for twitter…

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