To You O Lord (Sing the Bible Track #2)

This post is the second in a series on our new Slugs & Bugs CD Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs. The lyrics to Sing the Bible are word-for-word Scripture. I hope this series helps parents talk and think with their kids about each passage.

To you O Lord, I lift up my soul
In you I trust, O my God
Do not let me be put to shame
Let not my enemies triumph over me
For all whose hope is in you
Will never be put to shame
– Psalm 25:1-3

In talking to my 6 & 10 year old boys about this verse, I started with two questions. First, what do you call it when you talk to God?  And second, is this verse a prayer?

In this psalm, King David says he is lifting up his soul to God in prayer. That means he is giving himself to God, like when you have a gift for mom and you stretch up your arm and lift your hand so she can take it. David is saying, “I trust you with this, God. I want you to have me.”

Then, he has an interesting request. He is asking God for help, but in a poetic way. He is saying, help me trust you. Help me succeed in glorifying your name, and don’t let people steer me away from you. David knows that only those who trust in God will always overcome every hard thing.

Then, maybe ask your kids if they can tell you about a time when they’ve asked God for help. It would be great to give them examples of different times you have asked God for help.  I would use past examples as well as an example from your present circumstances. It is important for our kids to see how Jesus matters in our lives now.  Not just in moments in the past.

Finally, you could show the kids how this is part of what we do in the singing time on Sundays at church.  We sing to God, proclaiming our trust in him, and asking him to continue to help us.

As an aside, as I spend time with my kids around these verses, the most important thing is not achieving total understanding. It is getting them talking. They may say something that totally misses the point, but I still might answer, “OK – tell me more about that,” and see what else comes out.  Sure, I want them to learn about these verses, but I try to remember that we’re not in a rush. We are starting conversations that will continue for years to come. 

Galations 5:1 – Freedom (Track #1 from Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs)

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