Concert Review: Canton, MI

Slugs & Bugs visited the great snowy state of Michigan this past weekend, with wonderful family concerts in Kalamazoo and Canton. Volunteers and staff went above and beyond the call to fashion a great experience for everyone involved.

These photos will give you a glimpse of the family fun times, and then check out the very kind review we received from one of the Canton hosts!

LGW_3141 copyThe Grand Finale!

LGW_3156 copy Coloring stuff is cool.

LGW_3108 copy Why did you take my bunny?

LGW_3160 copy Girls gotta stick together.

LGW_3150 copy Merch volunteers are my heroes!

LGW_3121 copy Maybe I’m a puppy!

LGW_3088 copy Drone surveillance photos.

LGW_3058 copy Extra effort by a loving team=good times.

And here’s a review from Loren Warnemuende – the gracious host and chief coordinator for the concert in Canton…

“The morning after our Slugs & Bugs concert, my husband and I asked our Sunday School class of four-year-olds what their favorite song was. “Under Where!” they all exclaimed. And who can disagree? I had watched the audience rolling with laughter as our well-loved youth pastor hid a pink bunny from Randall Goodgame and asked him if he had “looked under there?”. There were plenty of moments like this throughout the concert as parents and children joined together in the fun—good, clean fun that never goes out of style and is never outgrown. I loved the moment in the concert when a fourteen-year-old friend slipped up beside me to let me know her mom had bought three Slugs & Bugs CDs because they had to have the Mexican song, among others.”

“But then there was the moment the next day when I heard my eight-year-old singing, “Tell it to Jesus, he already knows! Tell it to Jesus, before it grows…” and I knew those deeper truths were sticking, too. We constantly need those reminders that we are loved by God who “sent His son, His only one, to fill me up and make me new,” and that we can “trust in The Lord with all [our] heart.” Randall knows how to bring these truths to the forefront throughout the concert, and he doesn’t shy away from sharing the Good News. I can’t wait to watch the far-reaching effects of this event.”

For more information about booking a Slugs & Bugs concert at your church, email the Slugs & Bugs team at contact(at)  We’d love to hear from you!

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