The African Children’s Choir MOVIE!

As many of you know, the African Children’s Choir have partnered with Slugs & Bugs for the new All-Scripture CD.  Choir 39 came to Nashville and we spent 3 days hanging out, singing and having fun.  I fell in love with these kids.  So I was astounded to find out about Imba Means Sing!  This is crazy cool.  Imba Means Sing! is a documentary film being made about the African Children’s Choir, and the very same kids that are on my songs are the ones featured in the documentary!  A crew of passionate, independent filmmakers and journalists have been following Choir 39 to capture their journey with the hopes of telling the story of the ACC to a wider audience.
And just in case you didn’t know, at it’s core, the African Children’s Choir is about education and Jesus.  The ACC pulls kids out of poverty and provides all the funding for their education for the rest of their life. It is a fantastic organization and their grand hope is to love these kids with the Love of Christ, and build the future leaders of Uganda and Africa.
I know it has become a cliche´ but honestly, these kids – all pulled straight out of terrible poverty and having lost one or both of their parents – were filled with joy.  We hung out for three days, and no 9 to 12 year old can keep up an act that long.  Of course, each had their own personality and you could tell the feisty kid from the shy one, but they were so loving and respectful and happy to be there.  Working with them was one of the greatest joys of my career in music so far.
And as it turns out, the Imba Means Sing! production team is pulling this thing off completely independently, and they are still raising funds to help make the movie.  I’ve recently gotten to know the director and can personally testify that Imba is a true labor of love, and every penny of the profits will go to help the ACC bring the love of Jesus and a lifetime of education and opportunity into the lives of the least of these.
Every ACC child you will see in the trailer and movie sang on Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs. Check out the documentary website and trailer at and consider joining the effort to tell their beautiful story!

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