Slugs & Bugs and Friends Part 1 (Deuteronomy 6:5)

I apologize ahead of time for what you are about to see.  The three “friends” of mine that happened to be at the “studio” where I was recording this “song” were “severely reprimanded” with “doughnuts and Capri Sun.”

Hopefully, you will still find that the melody makes the “Bible verse” more “memorable.” And as a warning, please do not watch this video to the very end.  It only gets worse.

Finally, “please” consider supporting the Slugs & Bugs Kickstarter campaign to make this all-Scripture CD. View our jolly “Kickstarter page” at this “link” and find out “more” about the project.

3 thoughts on “Slugs & Bugs and Friends Part 1 (Deuteronomy 6:5)

  1. Hahahaha! This really couldn’t have made me happier. Glad I ignored your suggestion and watched until the end! As a bonus, I’m now laughing and singing scripture in my head. Does it get better than that??

  2. Clearly, this CD is going to be a winner. My toddler just came in as I was starting up this preview video – and she’s already “singing” along (and thinking she’s snapping her fingers 😉 )!

  3. haha!! 🙂 What a great video! I’m back from my vacation….trying to get back into the swing of life all while sniffing and blowing my nose endlessly! I don’t know how you could keep singing with them doing that! 🙂 I’d be laughing so hard.

    I really enjoyed all the songs you’ve been posting that will be on the CD. Thank you for sharing them in this way before the CD comes out.

    Hope you’re doing well!!!

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