Slugs & Bugs Live!

Until recently, I’ve never known how to quickly explain a Slugs & Bugs Live! concert. Sure, it’s an event for the family – moms, dads, and kids 10 and under – and there’s animated video, a few different instruments, some teaching moments, lots of crowd participation, lots and lots of silliness, and everyone seems to have a great time,  but there’s only so much I can say. And if a picture says a thousand words, a video says ten thousand.

Thankfully, a friend recently recorded video footage from a few S&B Live! shows and put together (what I think is) a great new video.  It’s only about 40 seconds long, so tell me what you think.  If you’ve seen the concert, does this do it justice? If you haven’t seen it – does this pique your interest? And if you’re IN the video, thanks for coming out and sharing your smiles!

4 thoughts on “Slugs & Bugs Live!

  1. Awesome! REALLY want to go to one of your concerts….will you be coming to the Chicago area anytime soon? My husband jokes with me that I have made it a personal mission to distribute all things Slugs & Bugs via gifts as much as I possibly can! But I just can’t help it…the music is so great…we love your style and how you craft fun, goofy songs for kids (that parents don’t get tired of listening to, might I add!), yet in the same turn, convey such deep spiritual truths to them (and us!) through your music (i.e. “now I listen very carefully bc He lives inside of me…that could be gross, but it’s not, cuz it’s Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior!!!”). We are very excited to hear the Scripture album too. My husband first heard about the original Slugs & Bugs album when you and Andrew P. were at the Moody Pastor’s conference in Chicago and you told the guys about the CD… he immediately got it for our little guy, and we have listened to your music ever since! (He also remembers you singing a song you wrote for a friend about his toe accident!…he wants to know if you’ve ever recorded it?) 🙂 God bless you and your fam as you minister to so many.

    1. Hey Kristy,

      Thanks for the encouragements, and Slugs & Bugs will be in Chicago the 2nd weekend of September. We’ll have more details as it gets closer, but it will probably include a return to Moody. And I think you’re referencing Andy Gullahorn’s song about the accidental toe amputation. I know he’s recorded it somewhere. It’s called “Roast Beef” (tee-hee).

  2. We love these albums, and this only makes me more sure we’re gonna’ have to make it to a show someday! It seems very well-shot and edited; does you as much justice as 1 minute could.

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