Slugs & Bugs Blog Share – Little Rock!

A couple of weekends ago Slugs & Bugs came to Little Rock, Arkansas to play a concert for the fine folks at Pinnacle Classical School.  I had a great time there – despite losing my bunny for a little while – and it sure looked like everyone else did too.  But it’s always nice to read about it, just to be sure.

Someone forwarded this blog post to me from one of the moms in attendance, and I just had to share. Thank you Pinnacle Classical!

S&B at PCS

Slugs and Bugs Live

Friday of last week, Pinnacle Classical Academy hosted a free family concert featuring Randall Goodgame of Slugs and Bugs. It was a hit! The concert took place at Covenant Presbyterian Church and the room was so full they had to add extra chairs. My children and I had never heard any of the songs outside of the four that play on their website, but we were all singing and waving our arms and dancing at times with Randall. For the rest of the concert review and more pics, click here.

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