Nashville Concert on Feb 1

If the first concert of the year was an indicator, things are looking great for Slugs & Bugs in 2013. One week ago, Covenant Presbyterian hosted Slugs & Bugs Live in their multi-purpose chapel, and wow, what a night.

In this town, it can be hard to get people to leave the house for a concert. There’s just SO MUCH live music happening all the time, that it’s easy to take for granted. So many people think, “I’ll see them next time”  that I’ve seen many good shows poorly attended. But it had been well over a year since the last Slugs & Bugs concert in Nashville, and I was hopeful that we’d get a good crowd.

So I made some calls and hired some friends to take pictures and video, and made a few more calls and got big help decorating the stage from friends at Longhollow Baptist and Show Hope.  Those huge, colorful foam-core posters with the S&B characters? I’m not going to tell you how I scored them, but I will say it wouldn’t have happened without Robyn Collins. Now I’ve just got to figure out how to get them on an airplane.

By the time we started the concert, over 450 people of a wide variety of sizes had taken their seats, and the next 65 minutes were mostly a blur.  It was our first regular Slugs & Bugs concert in over 2 months – since December was filled up with Slugs & Bugs Christmas Concerts – and I felt a little rust (at one point, my guitar hit me in the nose), but mostly I was ecstatic that so many people were there to celebrate family and silliness and the love of Jesus.

My family was there on the front row, and for me, the highlight of the night was my daughter playing fiddle – and then receiving the most rousing applause of the evening. It was so fun! Thank you once again to (Children’s Pastor) Nathan McCall and Covenant Presbyterian Church and School for hosting Slugs & Bugs Live!

(From right to left, click on the pictures to enlarge… 1. The Grand Finale  2. Miles answers a question (it was his birthday!)  3. A family affair  4. Dad Choir!  5.  Me and Livi playing “Liberty”  6. This must have been when I hit my nose with my guitar.)







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