Slugs & Bugs in Canada!

Kawkawa Lake, CanadaMy family and I just returned from a wonderful 10 day tour from Tacoma, WA up through Hope, British Columbia, to Vancouver, and then back to Seattle in the good ol’ US of A. We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with a family of strangers that quickly became friends, I wakeboarded in a dry suit, canoed on Kawkawa Lake (above), went on a bear hunt with my two oldest kids at Bridal Falls, led the whole family through the spooky and breathtaking Othello Tunnels, got soundly beaten at Mancala by my daughter (and then got even), and got pirate ships at White Spot for my two sons.  I introduced my wife to Canada’s pride and joy (Tim Horton’s), and oh yeah, we played  7 Slugs and Bugs concerts along the way.

This is the part of the post where I say; wow, thank you to all our hosts along the way, especially Melissa Dotto – my Canadian friend who hatched this brave idea and put it all together, and then hauled a PA from school to school, ran sound, and put my family up in her awesomely fun-filled house complete with backyard trampoline.  Really, Melissa – this was a family tour of a lifetime.  We could never thank you enough!

At the end of our last Canadian concert at Richmond Christian School in Richmond, B.C., I took a short video from the stage.  As you will shortly see, I panned the camera(phone) way too fast, but turn up the audio and you’ll get the idea. It was amazing!  Thank you Canada!

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