Slugs & Bugs Hotel Tips

I’ve been staying in hotel rooms for well over a decade, and over the years I’ve developed a few tricks and techniques that may come in handy for you over the holidays.  Become a more savvy traveler with a little Slugs & Bugs knowhow.
For Smoothing Wrinkled Clothing…
Before you take a shower, hang your wrinkled clothes up in the bathroom.  (plan on taking a long, relaxing shower). Be sure the ceiling vent is not on, to ensure maximum steam.  You will be surprised how effective this is. If the closet hangers are normal, you can hang the clothes on the back of the door, or a towel rack (I try to find the highest hanging point, since the steam rises). If the hangers are the pin-headed, anti-theft ones, they often fit through the slits in a metal vent in the wall, where they will hang pretty snug.  However if there is no vent, I have set a shoe on a towel rack and tied a shoelace around the pinhead. Important to remember – this is best to do at night since your clothes could theoretically need to dry off, though I’ve never had trouble showering in the morning.  If your clothes do become slightly damp, hang them in the room and they’ll dry quickly.  If these solutions don’t suit you, wake up 10 minutes earlier and break out the fold-out ironing board that sounds like a dying ring-wraith.
For Avoiding the Germ-Filled Remote…
Hotel room TV remote controls are toxic germ bombs waiting to contaminate your entire life.  At least, that’s what the magazine articles and travel blogs have led me to believe.  So, before I turn on the hotel TV, I find the hotel room icebox – the cylindrical one that you’d use to fetch ice from the ice machine.  Inside the icebox there’s always a small, clean plastic baggie. I use it as a glove.  I retrieve the baggy, put my hand inside it, and then reach for the remote and tune into SPORTSCENTER. 
For a Good Night Sleep…
Hotel rooms can be loud places, and sleep is precious.  Once, I was in Orlando the same weekend as a high school basketball tournament, and my hotel was bursting with high school kids.  I slept soundly despite the racket, because I always wear soft earplugs.  You may have to try a few brands to find the one that you like, but it is well worth it.  When I fly, earplugs help me sleep on the plane. I put them in before I board, and leave them in all day – even through layovers – until Amy picks me up in Nashville.  I’m typing this post in Chicago’s Midway airport, and I’ve got my earplugs in right now.
Breakfast Tips…
I usually stay at a hotel with some kind of free breakfast, and the choices can get monotonous. To mix it up, and keep it healthy but hearty, I’ll cut and toast an English muffin, and while I’m waiting, I mince a hard boiled egg (sometimes 2).  When the muffin is toasted, I butter it and spoon the chopped egg onto the muffin for an open faced (or closed) sandwich.  If there’s scrambled eggs, I’ll use those instead.  If there’s bacon, I add it with glee.
If I’m feeling indulgent, I’ll replace the muffin with one of those fresh waffles from the waffle iron.  Topped with minced egg, syrup and butter, it’s like a do-it-yourself McGriddle.
Also, I’ll usually bring an apple back to the room, wash it, dry it with a hand towel, and stick it in my bag
Last breakfast tip.  If I’m thirsty, I’ll use a coffee cup for juice.  The juice cups are usually small, and if you’re in a hurry, you can take it to-go by adding the top to the coffee cup.  It’s like a sippy cup for the adult traveler!
For An Extra Measure of Privacy
If I am leaving the room, but I plan to return soon, I hang the “privacy” sign on the exterior door handle.  That keeps housekeeping from entering. So, if you are staying away all day, remember they won’t bring new towels and re-dress the bed if you leave the sign on the door.
For Your Local Homeless Shelter or Rescue Mission…
They can always use the tiny soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion.  Collect them if you really will make the trip downtown when you return.
I hope these Slugs & Bugs Travel Tips have been helpful for you to consider.  If you’ve got any travel wisdom to share, please comment and share your experience!

2 thoughts on “Slugs & Bugs Hotel Tips

  1. Great tips! Not sure if you’re familiar with Scentsy plug-in warmers, but they are small enough to pack in your carry on, or suit case if you prefer, and the wax is approved by the TSA. Hotel rooms can sometimes be stinky, and having a plug-in warmer with your favorite scent makes the stay away from home a little bit more comforting. It’s also safe to leave plugged in because it’s powered by a light bulb…no fire hazards! Did I mention that they also have scents for Men? 🙂

    My family and I missed your concert this Saturday at Shiloh UMC, we were so bummed! (It completely slipped my mind.) We’ll definitely catch the next one. Safe travels!

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