Mexican Rhapsody (Lyrics)

We’re working on putting together a new Slugs & Bugs website right now, with a launch sometime in January.  That website will have many cool new features, the coolest of which will be – it won’t take long to open.

I could fry an egg in the time it takes the current Slugs & Bugs website to open.  Don’t go there.  You will grow older.

But one of the other cool features of the new website will be a “songs” page that gives the lyrics and chords to each of the songs. Incidentally, if any of you have any cool ideas for a Slugs & Bugs website, I’d LOVE to hear them asap.

I tell you all this because today’s post is a response to multiple requests for lyrics to Mexican Rhapsody.  All the lyrics are printed in the CD jacket of Slugs & Bugs Under Where? (affectionately known as “the green CD”), but they do not come with a digital download.  So, for your listening while reading pleasure, here’s them lyrics.

(Cheese dip, cheese dip)
(Cheese dip, cheese dip)
Chips and salsa, chips and salsa
Gee, I wanna chicken enchilada
Gee, I wanna chicken enchilada
Guacamole, guacamole
Put it on my chicken chimichanga
Put it on my chicken chimichangaSteak fajita hold the sour cream
Jalepeño peppers on my nachos!
Rice and beans, a bit of shredded cheese
And some pico de gallo, please
what does “pico de gallo” mean?Beak of the rooster
Beak of the rooster
Sounds kinda pointy!
I don’t want to eat that!

Rooster rooster rooster
Youre the cock-a-doodle-dooster
Of the walk-a-doodle-dooster don’t you know

Keep up that cock-a-doodle keeping
While the neighborhood is sleeping
And they’re gonna turn your beak into some pico de gallo!

Pico de gallo
Fly rooster fly oh

Oh me oh my
Can roosters even fly?
Yes! But not very far.

(Cheese dip, cheese dip)
(Cheese dip, cheese dip)
Taco salad, taco salad
In a crunchy bowl of corn tortilla
How I love a bowl that you can eat-a!
Steak fajita hold the sour cream
Jalepeño peppers on my nachos!
Huevos burrito, special number five
Huevos! Huevos! What are those?
Huevos! Huevos! What are those?Eggs! Scrambled eggs!
Grade A eggs!
Huevos are eggs!
Huevos are eggs!
…Huevos are eggs!
To buy Slugs & Bugs Under Where? which contains “Mexican Rhapsody,” visit the Slugs & Bugs Online Store

6 thoughts on “Mexican Rhapsody (Lyrics)

  1. loving this one. in tears listening to it… laughing that is. looking at figuring out some of the songs to play while my kids dance to them… any chance that new website is around the corner? Randall, we love your voice and music, but I just gotta bust my guitar out sometime to enthusiastic applause.

  2. This is such a fun song and wacky enough for my highschoolers to still laugh at- I would love to get the soundtrack (background music/voices) to have them perform it for Faculty talent show… do you have any suggestions? thank you!

  3. I love this song. It’s great! Me and my sister think this is one of our favorite songs.
    Please make more songs like this one. Again. I love it!

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