Parenting Like a Kid

I am at my best as a parent when I remember that I am also a needy child.

Whether I remember or not, I need my Father in heaven every day for grace, forgiveness, comfort, patience… you name it, I need him for it.  When I forget my need for him, it shows up in my (impatient, insensitive, graceless) parenting.

Wrestling through a prayer of confession, and resting in God’s total forgiveness, bears the fruit of compassion and understanding when my kids would otherwise be driving me nuts.  Even if it just bears the fruit of a longer fuse before I lose it – I can always tell the difference in my parenting when I’ve been depending on the Father and looking to him (instead of myself) for all my needs.

Our kids need us for just about everything.  That is such an exhausting thought – I almost fell asleep writing the sentence.  But when we are familiar with our own neediness and daily dependence on the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we can empathize with their helplessness and be strengthened for our kiddos.

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