Slugs & Bugs in Hungarian!

Early this summer I received an email from Shaun and Sondi Carlaw, in Budapest, Hungary.  They asked if they could translate “God Made Me” into Hungarian and use it for their children’s camp this summer.  Of course I said yes, and just because it looks so cool, I’ve posted the first verse and chorus here in Hungarian, along with a video of their performance!.

They also sent me the English translation of their version (also posted below).  Because the rhythm and timing of an exact translation would not work, they took some liberties with the lyrics, and added a verse – and I loved it!

Thanks Shaun and Sondi, for the important work you are doing in Hungary, and for letting Slugs & Bugs play a small part.

Isten teremtette ezt a földet
Mezőt, rétet, mind e zöldet
Szépségét mutatja sok színes virág
Hangyát, vakondot a föld alatt
A méhecskétől elszaladsz,
Mert meglehet, hogy megcsípi a nyakad

Isten, lásd, mindent megformált
A kéklő tengert, s óceánt
Elküldte egyszülött Fiát
Ki  téged is újjáformál

God made me – translation of the Hungarian version

God created this earth,
the fields and medows and all this green
His beauty is revealed by the many colorful flowers
Ants and moll under the soil
You will run from the bee
As it may be that he will sting your neck

God, you see, formed everything
The blue sea and the ocean
He sent His only Son
Who will form you anew

God formed the elephant
Heavier than He made the crab
His trunk is like many straws
Proudly the rooster walks
But he can’t soar like the eagle
The owl opens his eyes much more round

God always was, will be and is
It’s written in the Bible
So pay attention, that you won’t forget His name
You see, He created you also
You can be saved by Him from your sins
Just open up the door of your heart
And Jesus will be there Lord and King

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